Friday, August 04, 2006

We're In

I really like my agency. The SW that works with verified families is awesome, she's the reason we chose them, and I'm happy to once again be under her purview. These last five weeks since we finished our last home visit have been very frustrating, though, since we never had any updates other than profiles of kids being sent to us with "Are these children someone you'd be interested in?" So even though it sounded like we were going to be approved, I have been very worried, as 5 weeks is a long time to go without hearing much. You know the hamster on the wheel -- the one in my brain? Ya, he's tired.

In all, we did this very quickly. The stuff from our side, the forms, inspections, meetings, classes, etc, was finished within three weeks of setting first foot into our agency. So then we waited. I didn't want to be the pushy, bitchy type, so I waited pretty quietly, and was happy to redo the paperwork that got lost. But I would have liked more communication, even though they are short staffed. Because they are spread so thin, I didn't want to force myself into their workweek.

If I'm having lunch somewhere and my waiter is in the weeds, I tell him not to worry about me, here's what I want, get to it when you can, and watch out for that one over at the table by the window, she looks like a real bitch. I scrape and stack plates and set them on the edge of the table, return salt and pepper shakers to their original location, and if I can, I leave an amount of cash that won't need change.

But lets say I go to my doctor's office, and my appointment is for 9 AM. If my doc walks into the office at 9:45 and announces to his receptionist that he trounced the OB from the third floor in raquetball, I just might turn green and start screaming, "Hulk smash!"

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