Thursday, August 17, 2006

Something that sucks

Shih Tzu + ruptured disc in back = paralysis => pain => morphine => emergency surgery => 30% good outcome

QED this morning sucks


Dear Dr. Google, DVM
Suck it.

Update: Missy is out of surgery. We went and visited her, and she seems to be coming out of it ok. Very groggy, will be on morphine for a few days, and the 12 inch zipper closure scares the heck out of us. Won't know for a few days if the surgery will reverse either the paralysis or the pain, but we did see a little movement in her back legs -- might have just been reflex, sinceshe' not supposed to be able to do that under any circumstances only 5 hours after surgery.


Margaret said...

Oh no. That doesn't sound good. Is your puppy truly paralyzed? I'm all worried over here.

Maerlowe said...

She might be. Without the surgery, she would not be able to use her back legs again, plus she would be in severe pain, and the only choices were surgery or euthanasia.

Ahauna said...

Poor Missy. Hope she's feeling better and can lead a relatively normal life.