Saturday, August 19, 2006

I Rock at Parenting! Totally!

Whew, what an exciting day with the kids!

We started off this morning with breakfast. Cap'n Crunch with Jolt Cola instead of milk. The kids loved it!

After that, we tried out some of the "backup" activities I'd come up with a few weeks ago.

First, we got up on the roof and cleaned out the gutters. Those little hands are great at getting leaves out of tight spaces!

Next, I taught them how to juggle. Sadly, I'm not very good at the juggling, so I had to call my pal for advice. I asked her if we should start with butcher knives or hedgehogs. She reccommended something I hadn't even thought of -- medical waste! Dude, their hand-eye coordination was spot-on.

After that, I lost track of them for about six hours. They must have had fun.

For dinner, I made funnel cakes.

Then we went to the pet store, where I bought them a ferret with intact scent glands. They said I'm the best babysitter ever! Their parents are going to be so happy I was proactive on this.

Now we're sitting around watching Kill Bill, vols. 1 and 2. They totally loved the part where Beatrix Kiddo takes out Elle's eye. We rewinded that over and over, laughing the whole time.

Okay, not really. I just thought I'd try to scare my mom. I bet part of her believed me until the juggling part.

Since this was a very sudden trip for their fparents, the kids already had a ton of activities planned, since this is the last weekend before school starts.

I fed them bagels with cream cheese and sliced watermelon. The girl misses her fparents, but her anxiety is cured with a phonecall. They usually go with their parents on trips, but not this time, because of the circumstances.

They went to a playdate and school shopping with friends almost all day. When they came home, I made carrot turkeyburgers with american cheese. We all watched Shrek. I french braided the girl's hair. The boy helped William sweep the garage.

Before bed, I read some of the first Eragon book. They liked it, so I'll go pick up a paperback copy for them to bring home with them, since we won't be able to finish it by Sunday.

Overall, a few tears, a little pouting, a bit of testing, lots of dragging feet. They're still unsure about us in general, quiet, and ask permission for everything. I don't think my little dog's feet have hit the ground in 24 hours, and the cat actually shares "her" bed.

Tomorrow we're going to try GeoCaching some easy, local hunts.

Maybe it'll stay this chill for the rest of the weekend. So far, good.


Beth said...

Respite can be fun, huh?

I always enjoy it.

Margaret said...

I'm glad it's going well!

baggage said...

Ha! Funnel cakes!!