Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Have a Feeling...

that Columbia University sophomores just got their schedules. I know this because Peter Pazzaglini has just rocketed to the top of my search engine hits. Didn't see that one coming.

If y'all are like I was 8 years ago, you're asking yourself, "Who the hell is this guy? Maybe a grad student? Whaaa? Alumni Development?" (ok, he's not listed in that capacity anymore, but you get it)

I went to the first day of Contemporary Civilizations with an add/drop form.

After 15 minutes, he could have pulled a live skunk out of his backpack and set it loose in the classrom, and I would have stayed.

In our fireproof wall safe, we have the deed to our house, life insurance documents, passports, birth certificates, wills, all those essential documents and small expensive things you need to store safely. My notes, handouts, and papers from CC are in there, too.

By the way, I scored bigtime with both LitHum (James Mirollo) and CC. More than made up for the sniveling marching band geek I had to put up with for MusicHum.

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Anonymous said...

i had pazzaglini last year for cc -- he's still just as amazing!