Thursday, August 24, 2006

Feeling Brilliant

School started on Tuesday. There's a bus stop in front of my house, which means that 20 kids and 5 moms spend twenty minutes hanging on my sidewalk. This morning, I decided to meet the PreK-5th grade set. Know what the best kid-meeting, mom-melting tool is? If you're me, it's the people-friendliest, most demonstrative 6 pound ball of white and black fuzz wearing a pink t-shirt that you can get your hands on.

There was a LINE of kids waiting to pick her up. Once the kids got on the bus, the moms passed her around.

Even with one faux pas (dog toungue up 7 year old girl's nose), we were a hit. Kids were asking me if I had any kids they could come over and play with. Rock on.

I'll bring her back out tomorrow, or maybe I'll just happen to be gardening during the dropoff this afternoon. To appeal to the boys, though, I'll dress her in camo. Or a fireman's costume. Gotta butch up a toy-sized dog anyway I can.


Margaret said...

Good for you -- you're developing your mommy mojo. Now you'll know some kids in the neighborhood so when yours come home they'll have some built in friends.

I live just down the street from the school so I have kids walking to and from all day long. Unfortunately I'm exactly a quarter-mile from the high school which means I'm the exact distance from campus that the high schoolers must go to smoke. They come and hange out on my curb. I don't care for that very much!

Maerlowe said...

Margaret, do like the Australians are doing with their "hoons" and blast Barry Manilow.