Friday, August 25, 2006

Status: Dull Roar

We're having a bit of excitement around here. We're very much trying not to get too attached to the idea, but it isn't working very well, even though we know it will probably be weeks before we hear anything else, if we even do. On paper so far, this looks really, really promising.

And yes, I have found a few more research topics.
1. Fostering puppies for the local humane society.
2. Wondering whether a b-day party here and a b-day party where XYZ currently live(s) with current f-parents and friends and teachers would be overkill.
3. Finding photographs of my sister during childhood (crazy bride sister, not first weeek of high school sister) and comparing them to XYZ. Being amazed by similarity. Start thinking about serendipity, fate, destiny, then scold myself for being so silly. Remind self that there are probably two hundred people out there saying same thing to themselves.


Beth said...

What about a simple birthday acknowledgement at your house? Have a small cake for dessert, give a present, but don't make a really big deal out of it.

Just a thought.

Margaret said...

Vague hinting at something good, huh? I can only imagine! My fingers are crossed that what looks good on paper works out!