Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Still Low Roar

I'd mentioined a few days ago how interested we are in a new possibility. No, haven't heard anything yet, in fact, since it is the end of the month and our SW is insanely busy, the homestudy hasn't even been sent off yet, though this Joy already has a few copies of our file.

The truth is, the waiting isn't too rough yet. We went lightning fast through the homestudy (at least in fost/adopt terms), and aside from the long wait with no information for over a month, we love our agency. Each time we make an inquiry, we're carving out a bit of our hearts, thinking happy thoughts, considering the realities, trying to figure out how to handle excitement or disappointment. Last week, we learned that waiting is easier than saying no.

Not that I'm the Zen Master of fost/adopt or anything. Today, three kids we've got homestudies in on were removed from the photolistings. There hasn't been enough time for them to have already been matched, I don't think, so most likely the region they're in has ample submitted families from which to choose. Just that their profiles have been taken down feels like progress, since if submittals are closed, a decision may be made soon, no? (not until our Mary sends our stuff in, of course, and geeze, I'll be cranky if we've already missed the cut off because our homestudy isn't in yet) It does take a bit of self control to not hound people for information, and yes, I jump when the phone rings, and yes, I check my email nine million times a day, but I've been doing that for years.

If we're still waiting six months from now, there's a good chance I'll be climbing the walls. If we're still waiting a year from now, my bedroom will look something like this.

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Margaret said...

I'm right with you. I'm handling the wait right now, but I know that my patience will fade in time if I'm not matched.