Friday, August 18, 2006

So, Respite

Just for the weekend, two siblings, while fparents are out of town for a funeral. They're sleeping. The cat is curled up on the pillow next to the boy's head. Last night, the girl spent 3 hours throwing a ball for Little McFuzzy. Thankfully, we stocked up on fishsticks and tater tots last week just in case of a "can you take them" call. They wanted to take pictures of our dogs with our camera. This is one we printed out for them to take home with them.

I wrote earlier about how I will, for one day a week for three months, be waited on by the son of a friend. Ya, he got caught again, smoking in his bedroom, with the door open, while his mom was downstairs making dinner. Great. Something I didn't know was that if you don't go pick your kid up from juvy in a "timely" matter, you get arrested for abandonment. So much for the theory that a night or two in lockdown would be a good learning experience for a kid.

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