Monday, December 04, 2006


The letter from CPS was only a copy of a medical eligibility form, which we'd already gotten.

My social worker's opinion was that I should go to court, just in case the judge would like to hear from us.

Now that The Hub doesn't have to worry about slacking on the job, he'll probably come, too. Before the "no job" news, we were worried about already using 15 hours of personal time in the last month, but now that there's only three months max left to use 130 hours of sick leave and 107 hours of vacation, well, party on, Wayne, carry on Garth.

Now I'm going to go earn my Mom Badge and get two dogs and a three year old to the vet. I've got strawberry milk in my bag o' tricks, so fear not. We've already survived an hour-long trip to the post office today. Wonder how much longer my luck will hold.


cloudscome said...

Oy what a day you are having. I'm holding you all in the light.

Beth said...

Hang in there honey...such an emotional and exhausting day. Hope the hubby can pick up the slack and let you get some sleep!