Saturday, December 16, 2006

Last night the hub and I went out to dinner and shopping while my mom watched Huckle. We got home at 9 PM, and were suprised to see Huck's bedroom door closed, his light on, and my mom nowhere in sight.

I opened the door very slowly, there was Huck wide awake on his bed, my mom laying next to him.

Maer: Hi Huck! What are you guys doing?

Mom: Well, he told me he likes to sleep with the light on. But I don't know, we've been in bed for an hour.

Maer: (blink, blink, pause) Would you also have believed him if he told you he sleeps in the family room with his eyes open while Nemo is on?

Mom: I just got played, didn't I?

Maer: Oh, yessirree.