Saturday, December 23, 2006

102.5 is high, right?

Blah! Grrr!

Huck woke up last night with a 102.5 temperature. We gave tylenol and liquids, wrapped him in wet towels for a bit, rocked and sang. I took the first shift, The Hub took over around 6 am. I woke up at 11:30 to a quiet house. Hubs and Huck gone, my car gone, both cell phones sitting in their chargers, a website for an urgent care clinic up on the laptop. My mom first tried calling us at 10:30 (Last night was my first sick-baby night -- I wanted to take him on a midnight trip to the ER, my mother talked me down.) and there was no answer, so they've been gone at least that long -- 3 hours as of now.

In the written shift change instructions from me to Hub, I specifically stated that I should be woken immediatley when he was able to get ahold of either Huck's doc or the urgent care clinic(figuring they'd either open at 8 or 9 on a Saturday), and I even made a little chart with times on it where he could track Huck's temperature and note any further doses of tylenol. Leaving with the baby but without his cell or the state's stack of paperwork was NOWHERE in my instructions. And no, although the thermometer is sitting here next to my computer, he did not fill in the helpful and informative temperature chart.



Yondalla said...

When Brian gets sick his temp goes to 103. That IS high, and it is just what he does when he is sick. Alternating Tylenol with Ibuprophen every three hours works best. That's all he really needs. I learned about alternating when I took him to the emergency room when I could not get his temp to stay down between doses of one med.

baggage said...

Thinking of you guys. Bug tends to run a little hot too. If she is sick, she'll just right up to 102. Hope he's feeling better.