Tuesday, December 19, 2006

In Search of Bob the Builder

Today was the last day of preschool before the holiday break, and tonight was the recital. Huckle sat in the front row, took his costume off three times before his teacher gave up and let him go hatless, and he was a wiz at shaking the bells. Thankfully, his school kept their recital short and sweet -- five songs on stage, then a ice cream social for the students, parents and guests. Somewhere around song two, Huck decided sitting wasn't for him, and he laid on his tummy, head in hands, feet swinging back and forth to the music. Tell ya what, he was the most involved of all the three year olds. Most of them ran into the audience looking for their parents, lifted their skirts over their heads, or picked their noses. Yes, it was adorable.

The Hub and I got our first Christmas present from Huck. In class today, the teacher took polaroids of the kids and put them in cards the kids made. Underneath the photograph, the teacher wrote a message to the parents from the child. When she asked Huckle what he wanted to tell us in his card, he said, "Mommy left my blue truck at Grandma's house." He's got his priorities, you know, season's greetings aside.


Margaret said...

That's so perfect for a 3 year old. I hope the teacher wrote that in the card... you want to remember that.

Maerlowe said...

Yup, it is in the card right under his photograph. The teacher did add "Merry Christmas 2006" by herself, lol.