Friday, December 08, 2006

Part of the master plan

In another freaksome turn of events, it appears that The Hub will be getting his PhD while overseeing a research project for his current company (to figure out ways to apply a currently military-only technology to the private sector, essentially) at the school he received all his other degrees.

Not tracking? S'ok, I'm not either. Very confusing, especially since his current employer is being purchased by a very very large F500 at the new year, and it seems to me like there's not much of a shot that his current company can make that promise, as the technology he'd be working with is one of the reasons for the buyout by unnamed large company. *cough* N1m1tz-class @1rcraft carriers *cough* N3w Iraq! @rmy *cough*

Anyhow, if it all happens the way it is being presented, we'll keep two homes. Four days a week he'll be here (and oi, working from home), three days a week he'll be 170 miles away. IF it works out the way it is being presented, I can handle it.

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