Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh, holy crap

The Hub's job just disappeared. Poof. Gone by February.

DC is the last place I want to move right now, but to stay with the company he's been with the last five years, that's where we'd have to go. Without The Babe. DC is not going to happen.

A month ago, I would have agreed to two households for a little while, but with The Babe I couldn't do it.

There are a number of firms within an hour's drive that he has relationships with, the feelers are being put out, he has some leads already.

This is a shock. We will be fine.

But, you know, Shit.


Michelle said...

Oh man! Well, glad you have other options! But still..

aanix said...

I've been lurking for a while and reading your story with interest.

You can do it. IT being whatever you have to do. Even with the babe you could handle two housholds-- if you can do it financially.

You will learn to take care of a child by yourself if you have to-- women have been doing it for milleniums!

I adopted an 18 month old as a single mom- yea I was exhausted sometimes, but he is worth it. Yes I had to go to owrk ktired and fell asleep as soon as he did at night-- or stayed up late doing things I could not do when he was awake. But it can be done. A friend of mine had two toddlers by herself after her husband went crazy and she had to leave.

But I hope it doesn't come to that. I hope your husband finds a nice new job close by!

Margaret said...

Oh, man. I'm tired just reading about this, I can only imagine the stress you and your husband are under. It sounds like there are good possibilities near by, though. If he still has his current position until February that gives a decent amount of time to find something new.