Saturday, December 23, 2006

Almost there

Huck is doing much better than he was, even though he's sore from the two shots (one in each leg! Had no clue that kind of stuff went on) and the holding-down it took to administer said shots. He woke from his nap around five and and let me cuddle him (!) and make a nest on the couch, complete with chocolate chip cookie and white grape juice. he dozed for a little while with Finding Nemo on in the background, and he wiggled his toes against mine as he snuggled in.

I know he is sick and that is bad, but it was nice for him to relax into me, to be calm, to drop his barriers a little more. He so often rejects me. In fact, the only other time he's wanted to sit in my lap is when it is occupied by other kids.

I sent Hubs back to the ER to get the medical provider paperwork filled out. He talked to the doc again to find out if he'd done a strep test. The doc said no, and that it would have been negative until tomorrow anyhow, and that he's been doing this long enough to know not to make someone come in two weekend days in a row when he could just prescribe antibiotics. Guess we can thank Dr. F for a slightly-not-as-frantic Christmas.

In holiday news, I've made and packaged four kinds of hot chocolate mix (very easy, actually, just make the base and then add peppermint or more chocolate or spices or whatever), peppermint twists, chocolate covered oreos, and peppermint bark. Babywatch last night derailed the plans for truffles, but maybe I'll start those soon. If not, meh. We've already told everyone we're not shopping for presents with Huckle in tow, so gifts for everyone beside Huckle comes down to sweets and cash, maybe checks if we can't get to an ATM. We're still facing a bit of uncertainty regarding The Hub's job situation (fack you very much, Hooz Allen Bamilton for forcing out the little fish before the buyout turned him into a big fish), so no balls-out consumerism. I'm a very impatient shopper under the best circumstances, and retail irks me to no end, so saying, "Here, eat candy," is no skin off my back.

Merry Christmas, if that's your bag. Be well.


Yondalla said...

I understand the appreciation of the moment.

I mentioned it once in the blog, but when Andrew was four months and reacted badly to him immunizations I held and rocked him for about 24 hours straight. I remember thinking that there would probably be a day when I would not be able to comfort him so easily.

Of course I wanted him to feel better, but it also felt good to hold him like that.

Margaret said...

I'm glad Huck is on the upswing. Maybe the cuddling he's turned to you for while sick will help him open up a tiny bit more to you. Baby steps!

Merry Christmas to you, too.

cloudscome said...

My baby is sick this weekend too, and on antibiotics. It's hard when they are hurting and scary but the cuddling is oh so nice. I love rocking him wrapped up in a blanket. I love when that is my only job for the moment. And it does help with the bonding, you being the center of comfort.

I think you are right on with the sweet treats as presents. Don't even knock yourself out doing that.... just relax and enjoy what you have done. Everyone will understand.