Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The United Front

Things are returning to normal around here, helped about by a hefty dose of nitrous at the dentist yesterday. Nitrous makes me stupid. That happen to anyone else? The Hub bounces right back from it, meanwhile I'm drooling in my soup and stuttering. But, oh, does time pass quickly.

There are many reasons why The Hub's no was probably the right thing to do. It would have been an enormous undertaking. We've not ruled out the under-3 kiddos as a whole, but three would be too much, and after months of thinking 5-16 years, adjusting our mindset to an infant and two stair steps was too much to do in a weekend. Hub's main reasoning was that we've passed on applying for kids (the same ages as these three and slightly older) because they're too young, so we shouldn't rush into placements just because they're offered. Our biggest fear is disrupting an adoptive placement, whether because of the children's issues or our own limitations, and saying yes to something bigger than we'd anticipated just isn't the smartest thing we can do.

If one of us isn't ready for something, then we aren't.

There wasn't any big fallout around here. I was twisty-squirmy for a bit, of course, but we're a-ok. We get mad, we get sad, we get over it.

I'm getting excited for whatever's around the corner. Yay, looking forward.


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Your husband sounds like a wise man. Personally, I would have been terrifically tempted with an instant-family! Letting it sink in, though, three under three would have been much too much. So here's to looking forward with you!