Thursday, September 21, 2006

Still Waiting for that Something Good

Earlier this week I'd written that I had a good feeling about this week. So far, the only suprise is that The Hub scheduled me for a dentist appointment today and that my dad needs me to work for him. Not so exciting.

I think I'll shop between the dentist and being my dad's hands. I found a recipe for custom-blended chai that I'd like to try, and I have a few new stores to check out in my parents' area. I've tried to get to these shops the last 10 times or so I've been to my parents' house since Dad broke 23 bones, but he always finds stuff for me to do that keeps me there until after he falls asleep. Turns out it is hard to do your own work when you don't have use of your hands. Not really a shocker, I know, but damn, can real estate development be boring. Nothing Trumpy at all about researching the history of road weight restrictions in Bastrop, Texas. Or figuring out why the grass is green at one golf course, but not at the one two miles away. Neighborhood covenants suck, too.

So, yes, shopping is in order, even if it is just for whole cloves and cinnamon sticks. (Yah, that's how exciting I am.)

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