Friday, September 01, 2006

Steal This Dog?

My next door neighbors moved into their home two months ago. They aren't very social. They have a dog, and this dog has never been allowed inside their house. He paces the 60x25 backyard day and night. i've seen his owners outside with him twice, and both those times were during cookouts. He doesn't get petted or played with. When my dogs go out their dog door, he whines and cries on the other side of the fence. We stick our fingers through the fence to tickle his nose. He's got a start on a ginourmous hole from his yard to ours, and any day now we're expecting to wake up in the morning and find him curled up on our couch.

Some dogs are made to be outdoor dogs. If you have space enough for them to roam, company for them to keep, I have no problem with it. But if a dog can't even hit a run before hitting the fence, I'm not so supportive. Also, if the dog is ignored by his family, I get cranky after a while.

So, internets, I want to talk to my neighbors and ask if they'd like a daytime doggiesitter. I don't want to own their dog, but ffs, he seems miserable, makes my dogs frantic with the whining, and wants over to our house, I work from home during the day, and he gets along just fine with my pups. How do I go about this? Forget it? Move? Fill the hole with cement?

(Yes, I am a big softie. We've established that.)


Margaret said...

Maybe you could just ask them if he can come in your yard for a "doggie play date" once in a while. Then you can make sure he gets some attention and care.

Chris & Michelle Sapp said...

I'm a HUGE animal person, always have been. Maybe you should say your dogs really seem to enjoy their dog's company and you'd like to have their dog over to play with them. Then....maybe you can lead into an every day thing. I don't know, but I know your heart is in the right place, and I love it :-)

mskimkim said...

My pug and I suggest you ask them if their dog can come over and hang out with your dogs for some time. Are you on friendly terms with them? There is nothing more distressing than seeing a dog who isn't getting enough love and attention.