Sunday, September 24, 2006

Station Break

I'd forgotten to mention this earlier, what with all the baby drama going on around here, but the sibling group of three older kids (the quince girl and her brothers from previous posts) have been matched to someone else. I'm so happy for them. More than a year after their original TV segment, they're going to be adopted. I thought I'd be disappointed, and I was a bit, as was The Hub (they'd done a number on him and he really wanted to be at least considered), and if the state had just said, "no, not y'all," then we'd be upset, but they were matched, which rocks my socks. What's also cool about this (for us) is that this might mean they're getting closer to matching on some of the other kids we've submitted homestudies on, since they all went in within a few days of each other.

That's if we're not already very very busy with three under three.

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