Tuesday, November 06, 2007

File Read

Today we were finally able to read Huck's file. No shareable details, of course, but I will say that there was a lot of stuff missing. However, we did finally learn the names of his other foster parents, including one set he spent a year with, and we're going to write to them. We've known these two's names for a year, of course, but their last name and his first initial fill up about a page in our phonebook, and we didn't want to spend the next year cold calling all the A. Martinez listings. So, you know, yay!

The state SW continues to be a slug. Whatever.

Some good news during the file reading, though it has nothing to do with us. Somewhere out there, a family in Minnesota was chosen for a Region 8 sibling group! Congratulations, whoever you are! The kids' SW was excited about the possibility of doing her Christmas shopping at the Mall of America, she said, so maybe ICPC will get pushed through quickly? She's motivated, this one. Can't wait to get on that plane, I tell ya. We warned her about taking your first trip to Minnesota in December, as I'd inflicted that pain on The Hub the first Christmas we were together. Hubs recommended layers, and lots of em.

Down here, though, I'd kill for the need for layers. It was 91 on Saturday afternoon (after a brisk 55 at 6 am), and I got a frakking sunburn and a sun migraine. I tell you what, I can't wait until January when I can get health insurance again and go see a doctor. I'm getting migraines more and more frequently, just another way I'm taking after my father. Good times.

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