Thursday, October 25, 2007

2:45 alarm

By two o'clock yesterday, I was nodding off at my desk. Since Huckle needs to be picked up at 3:05, I went to my room, set the alarm for 2:45, and fell asleep.

I woke up at 4.

Total panic. I was an hour late already. I was shaking I was so scared and upset, knowing that Huckle had waited for me for an hour, that the school had been calling for almost as long, and I'd not heard the phone. I pulled my pants on, ran through the house to the kitchen where my purse and keys sat...

And there was Huckle, sitting at the table, eating a sliced apple with peanut butter.

And there was my husband, sitting in the family room, playing a video game on the Wii.

I very rarely yell at the hub, unless he's on the opposite side of the house and I can't move, or if someone's about to sideswipe us, but I don't think he'll ever, ever again come home early, turn my alarm off, and go get the kiddo from school without leaving a note on my nightstand.


Krissy said...

Oh my god.

My heart stopped just reading that.

Oh. My. God.

aanix said...

I did the same thing-- as soon as I read 4:00 I panicked for you. I felt it all too real.

Bacchus said...

My heart is still racing. I can only imagine the things coming out. I'd have been a widower after that. Eeeks A note for pete's sake. The anxiety more than ruins all the rest you got from the long nap.

Tudu said...

That is a huge fear for me, too. My DH was always the last child picked up after everyone went home and he has horror stories about how he never got used to it. I panic if I might be late. That was really sweet of your DH though.

Yondalla said...

I'm so evil. My thought was "I'm glad she got such a nice nap!"

I didn't think about it carefully, but I don't think it occured to me that Huck wouldn't be okay. Of course they would have called.

But then I've sort of had naps on the brain recently.