Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Ready Freddy

(Hey Bandera person, say hi!)

Huck's cranky at me because I've been writing instead of showing him the video of an octopus eating a shark, so when I tried to get him to get dressed a few minutes ago, he refused to come into his bedroom with me.

I came back out to the family room, where he was sprawled on the floor.

M: C'mon and get dressed so we can go to school!

H: I am not going to get dressed, and I am not going to go to school.

M: Okay, I guess I'll call your teacher and tell her you're staying home with me today.

H: Noooo! Don't call my teacher!

Huckster was dressed all by himself in 60 seconds.

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aanix said...

Hi. I got here from Yondalla's blog-- I think. I have been reading since you first got Huckle. I tried to comment a couple of times at the beginning and it wouldn't let me. I usually read from my home computer, but today I read at work (which I have done before too)so it must show up from there.

Is there a way I can e-mail you?