Wednesday, October 24, 2007

22nd to Now

This is mostly a placeholder.

When I'm not on the crap end of an all-day adrenaline fest, I'll summarize the twists and turns that had me on the phone for 12 hours. (Heh, doesn't sound quite as exciting or dramatic as it all was)

The cast of characters includes my immediate family, my extended family, my lawyer, a judge in another state, two lawyers in other states, a professor in Scotland and his sister, our agency social worker, Olsen, Olsen's supervisor, Olsen's supervisor's supervisor, a reporter, a state adoption worker, Huck's attorney ad litem, a guy at Home Depot, Buffy, Huckle, 9 full spectrum light bulbs and a bag of popcorn.

Yeah, I went atomic.

And right now, to quote Roger Creager, things look good around here.

Might change by the time I really write up this post, of course.


Yondalla said...

I know you are busy and all...but I DO hope you get a rest and write soon.

I so want to know.

Maerlowe said...

Well, the 11th to 21st post was fairly comprehensive. I did leave out that Hubbers and I spent all Saturday at MakerFaire in Austin, and that my in-laws watched Huckle all of that day (we still haven't heard from them, I think they're scared we'll ask them to babysit for another 12 hours if they call), but still, I've been typing my fingers to the nubs. You must want me to bleed. :P