Tuesday, November 06, 2007

3 Years Down

I just realized that today is my wedding anniversary. Huh. Go figure.

So now I'm busy hunting down a special something from eBay for the Hub. He wants a certain type of beer stein, saw a few that he liked this weekend, but they were $300 and that's a lot for a mug, you know?

There are good and bad parts to being married to a nationally-recognized beer brewer. The fancy equipment's (such as ridiculously expensive pewter topped imported mugs) price tag and the amount of space the stuff takes up is not so good, but oooh, the benefits. How many other girls get to sit down (on the couch!) at the end of a long day and choose between a Saison, a coffee porter, an IPA, a black lager, or a 8 year clover honey mead, all on tap (well, the mead is in 5 gallon glass bottles)? (And, oh, do we have a stockpile of kegs now that we haven't had a single house party in the last year.) I do sometimes wish he weren't so good at it, since then I wouldn't have to try to subtly incorporate the plaques and mug-trophies and actual trophies into the decor, but that's just selfish, I suppose.

Ah! The Hub remembered our anniversary before I did, and he's already got a sitter and reservations and a plan! Last year we were in the middle of our week of visitation with Huckle before he moved in (on 11/10/2006), so all we did was Italian food and Borat after we dropped him off at his foster home. We were slightly paralysed by fear that night. I remember that I ordered lobster ravioli, ate one bite, then sat there fretting for the next forty-five minutes.

What a year. If I knew then what I know now...


M&Co. said...


Amanda said...

Go hubs on the planning front! Congratulations and *super* jealous that you have such a variety of refreshment choices.

Bacchus said...

Congratulations to you! I hope we get to hear what he had planned. Well at least the public stuff. LOL

It is great though to have our special days tied to meeting our children. Mine happened on my birthday two years ago. It was very emotional to celebrate my last birthday without my son. Now he is with me every time.

Happy Anniversary!

Yondalla said...


Hubby and I once both remembered our anniversary around the same time -- about a month late. Funny how you can get so busy.

I think think you should invite all of us, your faithful readers, over for a keg party.