Thursday, November 08, 2007

"Here, Huckle, have 1250 roofies."

Allrighty, then. Huck's favorite toy of the moment metabolizes into GHB when swallowed.

This is after he got nearly the entire line of Dora and Diego toys for his birthday over the summer, then less than a month later we had to take them all away.

And after we fed him jars of Peter Pan peanut butter.

After our dog's kidneys were trashed by "premium" pet food.

I'm thinking I'll bake Aquadot pies and send them to the CEOs of all these MNCs, Bill O'Reilly, Dumbya, and FosterAbba and FosterEema's #7.

Who else deserves an Aquadot pie? I've got plenty, since I bought a refill kit, and the kiddo won't be seeing them again, so they may as well be repurposed. Or maybe they'd be more convincing as chocolate chip and M&M cookies.

This is not the sort of thing I mean when I say that my kid is a rock star. Supercool, yes, in possession of felony-weight amounts of drugs, not so much.

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