Thursday, November 22, 2007

Everyone should have one

I'm so sick. My face is turning blue, I have such a hard time breathing. I'm as sick as I was for my wedding, and if I had insurance I'd probably find out I have pneumonia. I've eaten two bowls of EasyMac since Saturday, but I don't know if those count because every time I get a hacking coughing fit, whatever's gone into my stomach makes a reappearance. I've maybe kept down a glass of yerba mate a day, out of the 4 I've tried. The Hub stayed home from work two days this week because I can't be trusted to stay conscious long enough to make the Huckster a PB&J -- the dizzy + the tile = black and blue elbow from Monday, the dizzy + the wall = goose egg on back of head from Wednesday. I even have a phlegm/barf bucket next to the bed. How's that for fancy?

However, I do have antibiotics and a steroid inhaler, samples given to me yesterday by our GP at Huck's appointment for his sleep issues. Very handy, that appointment, and very glad I made it a week ago before I took a dive. Steroids good. Leftover codeine cough syrup from my former-and-now-under-investigation evening and weekend doctor good, too.

With how Huck and I handle the holidays (healthwise), I should just go ahead and book an appointment for December 24th now. Someone will need it.

So, yes, I suck around here right now. But at least I decided last month that I wouldn't be hosting Thanksgiving. And the pie I was going to contribute is no longer needed -- turns out they don't want a serving of blueberry bronchitis -- go figure. But Hubs will once again fry the turkey out on the driveway, plus we have an Adorable! Boy! to share, so our contributions are set.

And here's an example of a time when I think to myself, "Self, everyone should have a Huckle, because Huckle is an enchanting, fantastic little boy who knows how to disarm the crustiest of crusties with a few words!" I was busy trying not to suffocate myself (ie throwing up in the kitchen sink -- yay garbage disposal), and after the throwing up came the gasping and the tears and the spitting and the sobs (I'm not just being dramatic, I can't throw up and not cry -- just can't). Hubs and Huck were watching me from the family room (they're both very used to it after the last four days -- even the random blackouts don't have them running anymore), and Huck says tearfully to Hubs, "I just want Mommy to be happy again."

Swoon. Again. Well, more of a stagger -- Chin vs. butcher block on a straight-down crumple.

I'm gonna give Huck the credit for that one, though, not the lack of oxygen.


Maggie said...

You poor thing. I hope you feel better soon.

Yondalla said...

please take care of yourself. Passing out + blue + not eating = bad.

I'll be thinking about you.

FosterAbba said...

Medical insurance or no, get thee to the urgent care center. You aren't going to be much of a mother to Huck if you drop dead.

Bacchus said...

Take care of yourself and get better soon. No fun being sick with a little one around. Well actually no fun to be sick anytime but with a child it just seems worse.

Sending lots of good healthy thoughts.

Esther said...

I love the name Cash!

Thank you for your wonderful blog! I've been following it for months now.
My blog has gone private. If you would like an invite, please email me at

Hugs, Esther
ps..sorry if this invite is a repeat. I'm a little short on sleep these days.