Sunday, November 18, 2007

Oh, Hello, Google Search

Google searches that hit my site in the last 100 visitors:

how to get pregnant after going off of nuvaring (Long Island Iced Tea?)

spray paint swirled with water vases (sounds interesting. I used acrylic paint.)

the amount of GHB found in 1 aquadot? (anyone else think this person has a few refill packs of his kids' aquadots and wants to know just how many will make for a fun night?)

can women get pregnant off dogs (please tell me you're 8 and asking this question. and if you find your way back here, the answer is yes. yes, you can.)


Yondalla said...

They sure can be funny, huh?

I got "cute gay lifeguard" for a long time.

Innocent Observer said...

I swear it wasn't me, but can you really?!?!

Maerlowe said...

Yes, you can, Innocent Observer. Where do you think badgers come from?

Innocent Observer said...

I turned off my computer last night and went OMG! I plead being severely sleep deprived and 5 days postpartum after delivering a 17 day old child!