Thursday, November 08, 2007

Of course you're all invited!

All of y'all can come over and float kegs whenever you like, you know that!

As far as our anniversary is concerned, we had a good time last night. We went out for cocktails at our friend's pub, then walked across the town square to another friend's bistro, where we had the most fantastic lamb and short ribs in memory, then walked across the street to another friend's coffee house. Makes me remember why I agreed to move here in the first place, this little town that's boomed in the last three years since we arrived.

We got home at 10 to relieve Hub's parents (who are still in town another few days -- this time has been much better than their last two trips), went to bed for some adult fun, and then all hell broke loose.

Item 1: I threw my back out during adult fun. The Hubs referred to it as an "illegal dismount" due to (Item 2:) the bottle of champagne that Hubs and I shared during dinner after a beer apiece at the pub. I'm thinking I'm now allergic to any kind of wine, not just reds, cause I was sure to order a chardonnay-only champagne, not blended with pinot noir or pinot meunier, and I still turned red as a tomato and threw up violently for about 4 hours, got a migraine, runny nose, the whole shebang.* And you just try to throw up in the toilet 6 times a night with back spasms and no relief because (Item 3) your after hours and weekend Dr. Dora who sees uninsured people for the low price of $25 a basic visit turns out to be the state's biggest vicodin/oxycontin/valium script writer, at an average clip of about 700 pills per day between the town's 3 pharmacies, and she's just been raided and shut down by 5 law enforcement agencies, including the DEA. So even though I've never gotten anything stronger than a Zpack and cough syrup from her, my name is in with the other 4000 people she's seen (70 percent! of whom were there for the drugs), along with my husband's name (flu), my father in law's name (needed a blood panel done while visiting), and my son's name (ear infection). I guess if I'd ever been there when there was another person in the waiting room, I might have figured it out. I guess 6 PM is too early for the hillbilly heroin crowd... And you know, there's been many times in the last months I could have really used a 250 count bottle of valium.

*This allergy has only started in the last 18 months or so, and it totally and completely sucks because I'm am ISG-certified sommelier, and, uh, to work in that field you have to drink the frakking wine. So, gonna be really hard to rejoin that portion of the workforce if/when we move to another state.

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Amanda said...

Wow. That is a terrible allergy. Glad the earlier part of the evening was enjoyable.