Thursday, November 15, 2007

Our First Staffing

Hubs and I went to our first staffing meeting today. Maybe there've been others in the last year, who knows, we were never notified, and I think the only reason we knew about today's meeting is because of the number of supervisors we've been in contact over the last month.

Anyhow, all we really did was answer questions about Huckle's medical, dental, emotional, mental, social, recreational, and familial goings-on. I did lay eyes on Olsen for the first time since March, the second time ever. We even spoke to him during the meeting, the first time that's happened since June. I don't think he was expecting us to come to the meeting. Oh, well. I was nice, factual, and non-confrontational. I do know he could be worse, and even though he sucks (for reasons not detailed here), he's probably average. After all, it only took 5 months for him to fax the HESGH (Health, Environment, Social, and Genetic History Report) to our SW so we could sign it and return it (needed for the adoption paperwork to be filed), he's only failed to submit/properly submit the LOC change application for 11 months, and even though he lost Huckle's file for almost a year, has only seen the kid once, hasn't updated any of Huck's records ever, and couldn't pick him out of a lineup, we're lucky to have such an individual holding the reins of our family. Safe and secure in Olsen's heart and arms, we are. So reassuring. Such an advocate for Huckle. Such a friend to us. Makes me glad to know that his well-informed, conscientious, careful work accounts for and makes up the only opinion that CPS cares about.


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Hmmm makes smiling in those settings difficult doesn't.

Maerlowe said...

Yeah, its enough to piss off the Good Humor man, I'll tell you what.