Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanks Much.

Thanks for the support, you guys.

He doesn't know how close we are to finalization. Wednesday night was the first time in months that we've talked about what adoption is, and that he's going to be adopted in a little while. We didn't want to tell him about it and then have it not happen when we think it will happen (by the end of the year, but nothing set in stone yet).

Thankfully our therapy appointment is Friday morning (today). He didn't bring it up at all on Thursday, though he did say, "Mom, when I'm 18, where do I have to go to be a college?" (During the "what is adoption" talk Hubs said that he would stay with us until he's 18 and goes away to college, or he can live at home during college, which is Super Special Big Boy School.) I think he was worried about turning 18 very very soon, like tomorrow, and I explained to him that even his Very Big Boy Uncle is not 18 yet, and couldn't go to college yet. He seemed to calm down after that. My brother is 6 foot 4, so if he isn't big enough yet for college, I think Huck realizes he's got some time left. If only I could blame the college talk for the last few weeks, but sadly, only for today.
Since Huck says just about everything that comes into his mind, I'm hoping that the lack of "I'm moving out" talk means that he didn't think about it yesterday. As hard as it is for me to hear it, I can' t imagine being 4 and believing it.
Want some good news?
Huckle becomes our "adoptive placement" instead of our foster son on November 30th.
Hopefully, we'll be able to finalize right before Christmas.


Maggie said...

"... to be a college." How cute is that?

Congrats on becoming an adoptive placement. Yay! Finalization would be a great Christmas present.

Yondalla said...

Huckle is such an amazing kid -- so able to articulate what he thinks and feels. You are also an amazing mom.

And congratulations on everything moving forward.

Krissy said...

Congratulations on your impending adoption! Hooray!

Sweet boy, Huckle.

Bacchus said...

Woo Hoo for Huckle and adoptive placement! Dang but it is time! Congrats to everyone.

Amanda said...

awww. what a cool christmas gift.

Other Mother said...

Our now 15 year old was hoping for the same thing two years ago, and she got her wish with a December 21st adoption day. :-) Congratulations on moving forward.