Sunday, November 05, 2006

With Pictures! Send an email!

When I started writing this blog, it was because of the lack of foster-adopt blogs out there. The first one I found, back in June, was Suck the Marrow, and from there I eventually located others, found Chinese adoption and Russian adoption and Korean adoption blogs to be more plentiful, so I started reading those, too, especially the China blogs, since each month there was a new group of people getting referrals, traveling, and becoming families. I liked that. I still like it.

With this situation we've decided to pursue, there are... complications. I'm trying to decide whether to keep Spotted Dog Turn public for other fost/adopters in the future and to start another blog elsewhere, or to turn this one private (yarr, I did take my blogs private for 4 whole days this last week, my pal is working on new looks, and I figured things might be wonky so they went private, but then I had the need to blog, so back to public it went). I think I'll keep this puppy public and start another.

I'm very, very tired right now, what with the hours visiting will-be child then followed by dropping an assload of cash on kids supplies, but tomorrow I'll start the new blog. If you'd like to be added to the reader list-thingy, send me a quick mail at spotteddogturn at hotmail dot com. I know there are a bunch of people who visit regularly that don't comment or mail, so if that's you and you'd like to know whether will-be son is 1 or 17, drop a line. I'll try to remember to send out emails tomorrow to the people I know and love, but my brain is made of Quaker Oatmeal right now, so emails would be So. Very. Helpful. I've got Blogger Beta going on here, so if you have a Blogger Beta/Google ID, that would be the email to send from. But I'm guessing y'all are in a better place, brain-wise, than I am right now, so do whatcha can. Me=mush. For reals.
Also, I will NOT be able to do all this tomorrow morning/early afternoon if we take custody of him tomorrow. So, if I'm slow, I'm probably a mom.

Till then, here are pictures.
Two t-shirts from Target. They're the only place we can find short-sleeves right now, so even though Tarjay clothes usually fall apart after a month or so, that's all the longer they have to last.

Tablecloth, plastic on one side and fuzzy on the other (I'm sure there's a name for that type, but I don't know). Yay snowmen and reindeer! $3 at target, keeping the wooden table from scritchedy-scratches.

Also from Target, melamine plates, bowls, trays, and side plates that are very similar to our already-have stoneware plates and bowls. We figure droppable plateware is a good thing.

And, ah, has anyone else ever come within moments of having a nervous breakdown in the carseat aisle of a store? Just when I'd been all "hey, I picked one out! woohoo me!" six other people came around to tell me just how wrong I was. I let them hash it out, I went and picked out socks with flames on the feet and came back a bit later. I have no clue which one we ended up with, but I'm thinking it made the majority happy.

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Beth said...

Got the invite and accepted, but can't seem to find the blog.

I'm sure you did just fine with your purchases.