Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Boy Likes Convertibles!

We spent a day with the kiddo, just hanging out around the house. We made it an early night, as The Hub and I have figured out that this is our last night as a childfree couple. (We'd made big plans for a fancy dinner out, but, um, I think we're actually going to order a pizza and watch My Name is Earl and The Office.)

Last night, there were tears and sadness over going back to his foster family (litle guy was sleeeepy), so today when it was time to go, we made a big deal out of a "guys' drive" in The Hub's car, which happens to be a red, turbocharged, two-seat roadster. The baby was thrilled, even with the driving cap we made him wear to keep the sun out of his eyes because we can't find child-sized sunglasses this time of year. I'm told he was happy to see the other kids, gave The Hub a kiss and a hug when he left, and that he knows he'll see us tomorrow.

Now, to veg.


Margaret said...

Enjoy your child-free evening! I'm glad to hear that the visitation is going well. Can't wait to hear what happens in the upcoming weeks!

FosterAbba said...

Well of course your boy likes convertibles. In my experience, all kids like them, and the sportier the better.

I have a cranky Italian convertible that my foster kids love.