Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Baby! Now with an Epi-Pen.

So, no more wet sheets. He came from his last foster family wearing a leaky variety, whereas we bought the most expensive thing on the shelf because that was our only clue as to quality. Foster mom called me the next morning to tell me that her husband had bought the wrong brand, and to not let the kiddo sleep in em, cause then we'd have to wash the sheets. I found it funny.

Today is a day I hope he doesn't log into his long term memory. After the very long drive to an allergist, the wait, and eating all his snack before we got to the examination room, turns out he's got a raging ear infection. That explains today's "I'm the maddest kid on the block" attitude. He wasn't rubbing it, didn't say his ear or head hurt, and I took the all-day-long No-fest for general sadness and settling in pains. After the exam, during which I procured a stack of prescriptions (exchanged for a grocery bag full of meds soon after), we were off to the phlebotomist to have many large vials of blood taken for allergy testing (since he's never been to an allergist before, and because we can't feed him any fruits or veggies without his face breaking out in hives, and because he wasn't given his Singulair during the last reunification). Holding him down while they drew blood... well, it sucked. Hard.

He's a bit angry with me, still. I was able to get four different medications (antibiotic, pain reliever, ear drops, and allergy) in him, though (I'm the Heavy, Hubby's comic relief), so he can be as mad as he wants. If he were Buffy, I'd be black-haired Willow, not The First.

My mom keeps telling me I'm doing just fine. I'm going to believe her. But I am so tired, the baby was so hard today (even before the doctor, and yah, I know that's because of the ear infection), The Hub gets to be the fun guy for the two hours a night before bedtime, and if it just the two of us, I can't go outside of eyesight without the baby having an anxiety attack (fifteen seconds and the bloodcurdling screams begin), but if there's anyone else around, I'm the last person he goes to. I'm not worried about any of this right now, it will be okay, and that all I really need right now is more sleep.

Enter Grandma tomorrow morning. Also, enter a blonde version of MaeMommy. The kiddo has a thing for blonde girls, and my lowlight/highlight combination (with red for good measure) just isn't doing it for him.


Margaret said...

What a rough day. Transitions, being sick, going to the doctors... that's a lot for a little guy to handle all at once.

I'm glad you're getting a break tomorrow. You need a breather now and then so you can continue to be at your best!

Bacchus said...

Oooh I know how rough those days are. We go through the same thing when it is just me or if Hubby is home.

Baby R is one of those kids that can have a cranky, whiny, crying screaming day and give him an audience and he is happy. Like a switch.

It is so agravating.

Enjoy the breather! Any big plans for the time?

Beth said...

Hang in there hunny. You will learn the signs of serious sickness -- eventually. Brian was difficult. Once when he was three or four he said he had an ear ache and I responded, "What if I just BUY you a sucker?"

Another day he insisted that he was fine but that his doll had a very bad ear ache and had to go to the doctor. I finally decided to take them both. The kind doctor looked in both their ears and sure enough Brian had an ear infection.

Chris & Michelle Sapp said...

I found it interesting that yu mentioned the...you can't leave the roomm without meltdowns, but you are the last person he wants if other people are there. My daughter is just the same. Hmmmm.....