Saturday, November 11, 2006

My Ass? Officially Kicked.

After being too excited to sleep, I finally dozed off around 3 AM.

4 AM, screaming baby, leaking pull-up, soaked pajamas and sheets (thank god I insisted on that waterproof mattress pad), two barking dogs, and I too was soaked when I picked him up.

Stripped the bed, realized all full-size sheet sets are in spacebags, improvised with blankets, stripped the baby, washed the baby, redressed the baby, redressed myself, started the laundry, laid back down with the kiddo (he won't go down for sleep alone), listened to the baby sing himself songs about taking bubblebaths and eating strawberries.

Sleepy beddy-bye again at 6 am.


Beth said...

Ah...the joys of little ones.

I wish you good sleep...and dry sheets.

margaret308 said...
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Margaret said...

I can't comment on the wet sheets. The song about bubblebaths and strawberries has me wrapped around his little finger.

FosterMommy said...

If you continue having trouble with the pull-ups, first make sure you have the Nighttime variety and the appropriate size (some skinny guys need a smaller size).

If that doesn't work, drop the cash for a wool soaker:

This kind is very absorbant and you can reuse it every night because it'll dry during the day. Only needs hand washing once every few weeks.
it'll just absorb the leaks from the pull up. And don't worry about the wool in warm weather. It's much more breathable than the plastic pull up! :)