Thursday, November 02, 2006

Last Memorial Day, I said to The Hub, "You know how I want to be a foster parent, or adopt from foster care? I think we could actually do that now instead of waiting another ten or fifteen years."

Finished verification in mid-August.

Submitted our homestudy on many kids between then and now, only heard back about kids who were already somewhere along the matching process and were no longer available. The rest, who knows?

Only really started getting calls in the last month, with a flurry of activity in the last ten days. Three under three, a newborn, four and six year old sisters, a five year old, another newborn. We've said no.

Tomorrow, we're meeting a child. From what we know so far, we're saying yes. Depending on his social worker's preferences, he could be placed in our home tomorrow night.


CA Momma said...

I'm excited for you. Totally addicted to your blog.

Margaret said...

Oh wow! So exciting.

atlasien said...

Incredible. Congratulations from a fellow waiting mother!

Michelle said...

Oh my. Oh wow. I wanna know more!