Saturday, November 04, 2006

Its a boy!

We met him. We get to see him again on Sunday. My parents have been unsworn from secrecy. The cat's out of the bag -- free range cat, if you will.

We'll be bringing him home this week.

Actual details will be given soon.


Margaret said...

Congratulations! I'm glad it's working out. I'm sure it won't be all sunshine and roses, but I know you're not expecting that. You're ready and you're realistic. You're going to give this little boy a great home.

Beth said...

Congratulations. This is a very exciting time!

I'm excited too.

CA Momma said...

I'm smiling with you!

Michelle said...


Please let me know if you need anything/need to talk etc.

Chris & Michelle Sapp said...

Congratualtions! How exciting for you! Strat getting used to being mom and dad :-) Wow! Such wonderful news! Even though I just know you through the internet, I'm so happy for you!

cloudscome said...

Wow this is exciting! More details soon please!