Monday, November 20, 2006

Four-day recap

For those of you following my hair drama, I'll just let you know it took a team of 4 people figuring out what to do, and one girl 6 hours to turn my hair from eggplant/brick/blonde/chocolate to strawberry/light brown/ultrablonde/blonde.

My poor stylist's jaw dropped when I told her I needed to go blonde. Tell ya what, that purple was a pain in the ass to get rid of.

The kiddo seems to like it. He'll touch my hair now when I hold him, he likes to grab handfuls and flop it around now, he even smells it.

In six weeks, I can get it lightened even more. Right now, the overall look is dark blonde, but my boy likes 1980's Texas Blonde. And it isn't just the adults -- he follows blonde girls around at the playground if he has a choice.

The seven year old girls love him.

Friday we had an appointment with our family doc. The babe held it together almost all of the two hours they kept us waiting. At the end, after the two snacks and 20 oz. juice were gone, I just let him yell. I felt like yelling, but figured it was easier to unleash him on the halls of the exam rooms than to actually get down on the floor and pound my fists myself. It was a long time to wait for the doc to listen to his heart and lungs, check for descended testicles, and look in his ears and throat.

The ear infection is better now. Day 4 of zithromax was Friday.

His breathing has improved. I haven't heard him stop breathing while he sleeps during the last few nights. The doc figured that had to do with congestion.

Even with the anti-histamines, he's getting hives. And sometimes from things that hadn't given him hives before -- carrots seemed to do it yesterday.

Saturday was a guy's day. I had a lot of work piled up from the last week and a half, so The Hub took The Babe to the hardware store (yay for MDF! makes setting those trains up on carpet a lot easier) and then the park. The Hub ran the kid for 6 hours. It was good to work uninterrupted, to be able to leave the wasabi peas on the kitchen table, and to turn up the naughty word music.

My family visited today, all 5 of em. The Babe caught sight of a moonwalk-style blowup thing on a neighbors yard and jumped in it for three hours. We brought him home, fed him dinner, and he fell asleep at the table, his little hand splayed out in the ketchup. We were having a conversation at the time, and midsentence his head fell onto his arm. For a moment, I worried that he'd had a bad reaction to the mustard or goldfish crackers.

I did what any good mother would do -- I took pictures, then brought him to bed, where I managed to get shoes, clothes and pull-up off and swapped for pajamas and night diaper. He opened his eyes once, but other than that was o-u-t out.

This might sound strange -- this is tough, but not as bad as I'd prepared myself for. (Except for the exhaustion, of course.) I'd expected our first placement to spend half the day crying in his bedroom and the other half breaking things or putting things in the outlets or some such. His mommy-rejection stings, but I figured we wouldn't hit the mommy-rejection stage for another three months or so -- I was assuming we'd have that long of him rejecting both of us so much that we wouldn't be able to tell who he liked more. I do know that we could be in the honeymoon phase still, but even the ear-infection version of my boy is nicer, more fun, and sweeter than each three year old girl on the block. My kid even shared his puppy today (He learned how to "pull Maddy" on a leash. hahaha), brought presents to little girls (i told him girls like presents when they're cranky, so we passed out a few bunnies), and even when he was passing-out tired, he still used his napkin. Impressive, I say.

We're learning more about each other everyday. Among things we figured out about The Babe this weekend are: he likes simple-looking foods -- mac and cheese good, ravioli bad; he can count to 20 (we'd only heard as high as 10 before), he can identify lots of kids' TV and movie characters, though he doesn't really like to watch tv; he thinks that running headlong into walls is good fun, even though he leads with his head.

Sometime soon, I'll update the private blog a bit more. I've got some foster-lineage to discuss, as I will need a bit of advice from those of you who aren't sleep deprived. Also how to handle my in laws without hurting The Hub. There's been so much big stuff going on, so much more new information, but it hasn't all settled in my brain yet.

Take care, and have a good day.

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jeneflower said...

I know your hair right now. I bleached my hair after it was dyed dark and I had to redo it over and over to get it to the right color. I used so many packages of deep emergency conditioners, but luckily my hair recovered and it looked good in the end.

I have thought about dyeing my hair dark like Pineapple's hair, but M has vetoed that idea.

You are doing great with instant parenthood!