Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Huck's CW called a few minutes ago.

He wanted to know if we wanted to adopt Huckle in April or May. That would be, um, three weeks from now. Catch is, we'd have to be done with all the paperwork by tomorrow.

We're obviously not going to move that quickly -- his file hasn't been redacted, we haven't had a psychological evaluation done, we can't even get in with a therapist yet -- but if we wanted to, if we weren't concerned about an adoption assistance agreement (we want psychological services at the very least -- our current medical insurance is decent on mental health, but this is the fifth provider Hub's company has given us in three years, who knows what the next ones will be like)he could be legal in three weeks.

Kinda crazy. We were expecting to adopt him in the fall, since the maze takes time, but it looks like Texas is waiving the six to twelve month rule if the child has been through TPR.

It has been a very bad few months for Texas kids -- especially in our area in the last few weeks. I can see how CPS may be under pressure to get kids adopted and out of the system. Adoption numbers are good. Works for us, at least.

I guess now is the time to begin talking to Huckle about adoption and what it means. We hadn't begun that yet, we're still in Lets-Go-Find-My-Mommy-Land.


Maggie said...

Wow. That is quick. Smart of you to make sure that all the "i"s are dotted and the "t"s are crossed first, though.

Amanda said...

Moving quickly, huh? I hope that your adoption subsidy negotiations go well.

Bacchus said...

Congratulations on the quick date. We just got ours but it isn't until the end of June. Don't you just love beauracracy.

FosterAbba said...

Warning! Warning! Warning! The red flashing lights and sirens should be going off in your head.

Don't let the county pressure you into a too-speedy adoption. We are starting to feel a little strong-armed by our own county, and are concerned the kid will miss out on valuable services.

Don't let them pressure you.