Friday, July 27, 2007

Today, I decided to buckle down and find out the who/how/why/what of Huck's dad's murder conviction. It took a few hours to get anywhere, since I only knew the when-ish, but I did, and about thirty seconds after I found the victim's name, we'll call him Devon Davis, the phone rang.

"Hi, Maerlowe," the man on the line said, "This is Devon Davis. Is The Hub there?"

Stomach dropped, cause there's a dead man on the phone, and he wants my soul. Or my kid. But first he wants to know if my husband's home?

So, silence on my end of the phone.

"Maerlowe? This is Devon Davis, is The Hub available?"

Brain starts working again. Devon Davis is also my husband's boss's name. No beyond the grave phone calls today!

I'm still shaking, though.


Maggie said...

That's a freaky little coincidence.

Maerlowe said...

I agree! I've calmed down now, of course, but geeze louise.

Bacchus said...

oooh I'd have hung up on him. Moments like that will make quake.

cloudscome said...

That would have terrified me too. I am so glad you remembered boss's name in the nick of time.

Chris & Michelle Sapp said...

Wow. What an awful coincidence. Sounds like little Huck has so much that has happened at such a young age. I'm glad you have each other!

Amanda said...

Wow, that would freak me the hell out.

Yondalla said...

Months ago I cleaned out an empty office at work for Brian to use. I found, under a rug, a card addressed to the professor who moved to another, bigger, office years before. Without thinking about it I stuck the card on his door.

I didn't think to say anything to him. I should have though. It was written by a student who committed suicide a few years after graduation. The note was undated and said, "I want to thank you for everything you did for me. I'm so sorry that things turned out the way they did."

She wrote it right after dropping a class of his.

CA Momma said...

Freak city man. I would have hung up on him too after I shrieked into the phone.