Thursday, July 19, 2007

Just before leaving for vacation, I had my hair colored and cut for the first time since November. My roots were about five inches long, not a look I recommend, but oh well.

Turns out, half of my hair fell out sometime in the last 8 months, and it started to grow back around May or June. Not bald patches that would mean alopecia, but a mass exodus from my scalp, every other hair (or so) abandoning ship, deciding it would have a better life down the shower drain or in the carpet. "You out of here?"

It might be a thyroid condition, but since it is growing back, it is most likely from stress.

Imagine that.


Maggie said...

Mine and yours both. After being matched with Slugger, I started noticing huge clumps of hair in the drain and my brush. I would just run my fingers through my hair and strands of hair would come following after.

No one told me about that in adoption classes!

Maerlowe said...

I know! That totally wasn't covered in _Parenting the Hurt Child_ either. Rat bastards.