Thursday, January 15, 2009


We're moving.
To Virginia.
But not until Summer.
House goes on the market in May.
We'll rent if it doesn't sell in time.
But it should sell in time for the new school year.
Our area has slowed down a bit, but home prices are still going up.
We decided to move about a week ago.
At first we were going to move to DC, but we could afford a 300 sf shack on the highway if Hubs wanted a less than 45 minute commute.
So then we looked at Baltimore.
It took five days to shoot that down. Did you know that most people who live in Baltimore don't really like it there? And these are knitters!

I love this house.
I love this garden.
I love that my family is within 45 minutes.
I love my friends.
I love that Huck can ride his bike to any of two dozen friends' houses.
I love his school and his teachers.
I love our brand spanking new travertine floors that go throughout the house.

I am trying hard to find things to love about the Fredericksburg area of Virginia, or maybe the Chantilly area of Virginia, depending on which is the best move for Hubs.
I am trying hard to agree that a move to VA is okay when we also have an option to move to Fort Worth or stay here.
I am trying hard to remember that careers, like relationships, are like sharks.
I am trying hard to convince myself that something like This House may still be on the market once we sell our place. It is under contract at the moment, but there are contingencies. If it were about 30k cheaper, I'd be even happier, but hey, that's 10 acres. Yes, I'd have to cut down five trees a day for three years to have a backyard, but that's what chainsaws are made for. And I could have angora goats. And Cochin chickens. And maybe if we get land without a house we could get one of THESE. Or we could just build a huge metal barn and insulate half of it to an R factor of 50 with that fancy spaceship paint and some spray foam, then slap a few storage containers into it for bedrooms and use the rest of the half as an open concept floor plan, while the other half is dedicated to the goats and chickens and a old-sized cow and maybe a pony.

And then I remember that to do all that, which is so exciting, I have to move 1,521 miles away. And that sucks.

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Yondalla said...

We'll still be here though.