Monday, January 19, 2009

Eating Veggies

Since I'm in quite the funk over the move, and having to tell my parents and grandparents today, no real post.

But I will tell you that we have not purchased any vegetables (tomatoes don't count! They're fruit!) since October. One packet of loose leaf lettuce seeds, one package of spinach seeds, one package of swiss chard seeds, two packs of broccoli seeds, three packs of carrot seeds, one spicy salad greens mix, 25 seed potatoes, five packs of edamame, two packs of peas, and a few things I can't recall right now were incorporated into the front yard landscaping (mostly) between roses and mistflower and firebush. Living mulch, and yummy. They've done very very well on benign neglect during our cold season. My broccoli, for example, was planted in June and grew, grew, grew without heading until the first 35 degree night, sometime in October, and now I'm pulling in 4 heads the size of a serving platter every week. This summer I gave away tomatoes and pumpkins and squash and green beans (those all kicked around Thanksgiving -- were in a colder part of the yard), and now I'm passing out broccoli to anyone who comes to our house. I think I've watered the veggies 6 times since October. Imagine what could start growing here if we got the normal amount of rain. (We're in the worst stage possible of drought in my county, have been for all of 2008 and still going.)

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Yondalla said...

Oh...move in next door to me please.