Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My life just got ten kinds of easier. And not a moment too soon...

Huckle's been approved for pre-k through the school district (cutting it close, aren't they? six days until the year starts they tell us). AND..........

He's in the afternoon class!!!

I swear, I would have kissed the mail carrier if she'd been there.

No waking Huck up at 6 AM to let him roll around on the ground and cry for an hour.
No forcing him to eat.
No worrying about traffic.
Plus, I'll be able to run errands while he's in school, which was the biggest pain in my behind last year, when places didn't open for another two hours past his drop-off time.
And seriously, everyone knows that the hours between 2 and 5 are the worst of the day, unless your kids are sleeping. I feel like I just got a get out of jail free card in the mail.


Yondalla said...

Don't forget to use some of those afternoons for napping!

Although you probably don't need the reminder.

Maerlowe said...

Hah! Like I've ever turned down a chance to nap.