Friday, August 17, 2007

I am furious.

Because of a mixup with Hub's work, I'm without health insurance. His company was purchased for the third time in as many years, and the insurer changed for a fifth time, and somehow I didn't make it onto our policy with Cigna. I can't get on it until the open enrollment in January, so I need health insurance for the next 3 months, just in case something happens.

I have now been declined for individual policies by two companies.

Aetna (who was our last insurance company before the switch) declined me because I twisted my foot two months ago (while on Aetna's insurance!), hurt a tendon, and went to the doctor, who prescribed Vicodin. No broken bones, nothing turned up on the xray, just swelling and mucho pain, followed by Aleve and painkillers. Declined.

Unicare declined me because I AM A FOSTER PARENT WHO PLANS ON ADOPTING HER FOSTER CHILD. No matter that he will not be put on my (temporary until January) insurance, I'm automatically declined for being "in the process" of adoption, even though we've not got a court date scheduled, nor has official paperwork has been completed. I'm automatically declined because HUCKLE IS LIVING IN MY HOME and he'll be adopted someday. Declined.

Fury. Aetna and Unicare, Suck It. Cigna and Northrop Grumman, Suck It.


Maggie said...

Yep. It's stinky. I got turned down by insurance agency after insurance agency because I was adopting. Go with Blue Cross Blue Shield if you have that there. Their policy is to take everybody. My policy isn't too bad, either. It's high deductible, but it only costs me $82 per month.

CA Momma said...

Aaah! What Crap! I am also having probs with insurance. Thanks Maggie for the tip. Maybe we should try blue cross Maerlowe.

Maerlowe said...

I'm there, once I do a bit of "Hiya, jerkoffs, you're noncompliant with TX statutes for insurance companies. Want to put me back on my husband's insurance, or would you like the 300 of us to file six complaints each?"

Such a pain in the ass.