Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Highlights of our new SW's first visit:

Huck's LOC is going to be changed from basic (none/none/none) to moderate.

He's being classified as a Special Needs adoption (even before we find out the extent of his heart problem).

Free college is not just 4 years. So long as Huckle passes ONE college class by the time he's 21, he has free tuition/books/fees (to a state-funded school) for LIFE, including graduate work, technical school, whatever. We'd thought it was four years max, undergraduate college or technical only. While it may be premature to start ordering embroidered labcoats for the Huckster, it wasn't too soon for me to inform the SW that the local community college offers Summer courses that give college credit to high school students for taking a 4 week class in art subjects. So, yup, we now know how Huck will be spending the Summer after 9th grade, just to make sure we lock that puppy in.


Chris & Michelle Sapp said...

So wonderful to hear that you are finding all of these resources and help for Huck! We, too, have just lined up an attachment therapist for our son...trying to get him to learn to trust an give up the excessive need for control. Our son is in the Early Intervention program and it is going really well. He loves it and despite my concerns, I haven't had togo and get him one day yet :-) I am a special education teacher and although no one wants their child to have to have these services, it is so beneficial! Just the paperwork alone will demand teachers to consider everything Huck has been through. Hang in there!

A.I. Editor said...

State funded school rocks! It is the only way to go for my kids..fully sponsored!

Do you want to exchange links with my blog..?

Amanda said...

Hope things are well with you and yours. Do you post on the other blog at all? If so, would it be possible for me to get an invite?