Friday, July 21, 2006

Tricky Onion! Bad Abortionist! What's 7 Year Old Satire?

In case you haven't read it, and because I want to save it for posterity:
"Area Man Mistakes Onion Story for Reality"

(Because I am Blog-Inept, just go to and search the name, sorry, I couldn't get the link to show correctly even though the other ones did, and it screwed the formatting of the entire blog. You know cause I'm an idiot.)

Seriously, he tried to play it off. Niiiiice. Does the pro-life group really think this is how women who have abortions act?

And here's a link to his site, complete with dead babies. No Pro-Life site would be complete without a dead baby, right? Maybe these groups will have more success recruiting the average person if they were less militant and freaky. I mean, my mom doesn't believe in abortion, but she'd never associate herself with the Pro-Life movement because of their tactics and their totalitarian message. There are millions of people like her. It isn't just the baby-aborting who object to bloody heaps of dead child, dude. I think you need more pictures of puppies, butterflies, and fat little breathing full term children, if you want to make some friends other than your psycho nut pals. But I guess kids with birth defects or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome don't look so good, eh? Or maybe you guys could all get together and adopt some kids out of foster care who were lucky enough to be born to people who didn't want them. Or maybe you could provide guidance and financial support to a pregnant woman who doesn't feel ready for motherhood. How about that? Oh, that's right, the prolife movement's job ends when a baby takes his first breath. Then you get to complain about and demonize the people on welfare, the rate of single motherhood, the decline of American Morals, inner city crime and the drain on the economy, just like any other good republican. Well, thanks, but I think I'll just wave goodbye to your bandwagon as it passes.

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