Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hi. We're still here. Things are good, things are happy. The pie at Betty's is tasty. If you're ever on the MN North Shore, eat some pie.

I've been talking with the kiddo's m o m. She was very nervous about communicating with me, but I think we're okay now. The kiddo has a sister that was born 7 months after TPR. I found that out and contacted Mom (for the first time) that day.

D a d was denied p aro le, so we're safe for at least another 18 months.

I still keep the Tazer in the bowl next to the front door.

I started a business. I'm doing well enough to exhibit at a trade show in January.

We did not move, but it took almost a year to find a way to stay. Every month we were presented with a new location/option, but we are still in the same house, the man still heads to the same area for work, but now he's DoD, not a contractor, and the stability is good. If we'd been given a happy-making combination of location and new job, we would have moved. It didn't happen that way, and I'm good staying put.

Here's two plants that didn't make it through last winter.

I had a really big surgery at the end of April. It wasn't supposed to be big when I went in, but it turned out to be big, and I'm still not totally recovered, which sucks.

Kiddo started second grade. He's huge. He turned seven this Summer. The mind boggles. We had the school open house last week and his teacher described him as "tenderhearted, joyful, and very active." The teacher is not wrong. The Kiddo is fantastic. He has been with us for almost four years.

Here's a peacock.


r. said...

This post made me smile. Thanks for checking in now and again :-)

Amanda said...

Holy crap, Maerlowe - how glad am I to see this update? So glad you're all doing well :)

Amanda said...

if you're still getting these notification, shoot me an email. I was telling my kids the story of your poor kid's pencil in the palate (cautionary tale) and thought I would come see you. Hope all is well :)