Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Coming back

Right now I have 12 children and 4 dogs (1 child is ours, 2 dogs are ours -- things haven't changed that much) in the house, but I'm going to start working on this here blog again.

Broad and narrow updates: Huckle loves kindergarten, even though he's almost a year younger than 1/2 the kids in his class he's in the top 3 for reading proficiency, he spends most of his days riding his (de-training wheeled) bike around the neighborhood with a posse of 5-9 year olds, I started gardening/farming my suburban 60X120 plot of land and haven't had to buy more than a few pounds of veg since May, I've sold $870 worth of organic basil to local eateries, which subsidizes my gardening habit quite well, we got travertine floors throughout our house, my cat ran away and was gone for 4 weeks, then a family found her in their backyard when they noticed a cat trying to push open the back door, since the cat came back she's actually friendly, like a real pet, Huck's father could still be released from prison at anytime, we had a prowler in the backyard a few months ago and I am now a liberal with a gun, we went to MN this summer for 3 weeks, while there my dad taught me to shoot and it turns out I'm frickin Annie Oakley, I've come to terms with the theory that if Huck's father ever attempts to make good on his threats to me and mine, I'll shoot him to stop him, I carry a Tazer in my purse everywhere I go, I bought my sister $1400 (original retail value, not including shipping) of West Elm furniture for $50 for Christmas (2 of these and 1 of these -- Yay Pottery Barn outlet store 10 minutes away!), I got a stock tank pond for Christmas, I made almost all our give-to-others gifts this holiday (except for the sister and her husband, neither of which appreciate stuff like that, so I don't waste my time), I've knit 3 sweaters in the last 2 weeks, Lexapro and Tramadol have a strange interaction that makes you obsessive and hyper focused (but I like it and totally owe the extensive gardening/landscaping to said interaction, booyah),I've naturalized my hair and haven't used shampoo in over 8 months (but I still get it colored - not ready to embrace the 5 years of grey I've got going), last night I taught myself how to spin yarn from wool on a drop spindle (built the spindle myself too) and ended up making 175 yards of DK weight single ply yarn (gosh darn it does my left shoulder hurt right now), and also last night Huckle had his SECOND successful sleepover at a friend's house.

And my husband and I have turned out to be a "catch" for other couples -- we've been invited to six houses for New Years' Eve, and we're currently trying to work it out so we hold one big party here at our house to get a bunch of our friends together instead of six disparate satellite parties. That means I'll need to pick up the dog poop from the backyard. And maybe cook something. Maybe.

Back later! Let me know if you'd like to hear more about any of the stuff I mentioned above, having a direction to go in will help me write more. Any of those topics can be fleshed out, and of course there's more, but that's what came to mind after making 18 PB+J sandwiches and putting a big rock over the boxer puppy's freshly dug hole along the fence.

I've been reading the whole gang's blogs, even if I often don't comment (see above re: 12 children -- it is a normal thing, since I'm one of the only WAHMs and we have a Wii and a sandbox). I hope you all had a happy holiday season, are safe and warm and happy (if not overjoyed), and I wish you a Happy, Happy, Happy New Year.

Lawdy, I need a nap.


Yondalla said...

Welcome back!!!

Amanda said...

Yay! Yay, yay, yay!!! So happy you are back. The hit everyday from Ohio obsessively checking to see if you posted was me :-)

Would love to hear more about any of the above. So glad you're doing well.

atlasien said...

I'm envious of your gardening feats!

I hate guns and support more gun control... but I'd do the exact same thing (get a gun and learn to use it) in your shoes.

Karen said...

I am so glad you're back! I found your blog after you stopped writing last year. Your blog was one of those that helped make our decision to try adopting from foster care. We're almost finished with our homestudy now. Hopefully, we'll start waiting for a placement by February.