Monday, June 26, 2006

Imagine Me Chanting This While Jumping on the Couch.

It is a week later, and a lot more of the unfun stuff is done.

The unfun stuff is almost done.
The unfun stuff is almost done.
The unfun stuff is almost done.

Sure, I'm responsible enough and non-spazzy enough to raise two random kids. Suuuuuure.

But in the last 7 days, we have had all home inspections, TB tests, doctors appointments, recopied paperwork that was lost somewhere in the vast sea of paperworkdom, read a few more books, and scheduled all our home visits for this upcoming week. The woman who's going to write up our homestudy seems cool. Ultrablonde hair vs. the grey bun I'd been assuming, that kind of stuff. Plus, she's sworn up and down to our agency that she'll have us done and ready to submit on kids (THE BOYS!) by July 15th. That shit has to count for something, no? I'm like a red-tape navigating SUPERHERO and shit.

In other words, from start to finish, that'll be a maximum of 6 weeks from orientation to finished product. I'll tell ya, I'm freaking exhausted with all the paperwork. There's a reason this process usually takes four to six months.

We did play hooky from our First Aid and CPR classes on Saturday. Nine hours just seemed like waaaay too much to spend learning how to call for help, especially coming on the heels of a very procedure-oriented week.

So now, all that's left to do is FA/CPR, a class on policies, and our home visits. And we have to get me some life insurance. Turns out that's a requirement. But other than that, not much left to cross off the list. The picturebook even turned out very well. Only took 10 hours and 16 pages and a crash course in Powerpoint. Yay me.

We went and saw the Bowling for Soup concert at Emo's in Austin on Thursday. My darling hub has been going to their concerts since 2000 when they were strictly a Texas band. Tell ya what, it was a disappointment. And I like the band. I suppose I'm just a big fan of the groups that are livewires in person, with boring CDs, instead of the other way around. Even the chorus of "Kamikaze Shots" didn't do it for me this time around. Perhaps the boys are getting old the same way the fans from 2000 are getting old. Maybe we'll start bringing them Alka-Seltzer shots, should we go listen to them again.

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Beth said...

Just found you by way of Baggage.

We did a fast track too. A 16 year-old boy who babysat my younger kids dropped by to say goodbye because his foster family was breaking apart and he was about to be moved.

We called his social worker and said "can we have him." Like you said, it was six weeks of traning, paper work -- and pre-placement visits and bringing the house up to code (just adding a wall and an egress window, gulp.)

Welcome to the adventure.