Monday, June 26, 2006

The Good Stuff I Get to Think About, when no one else is watching.

I have to confess: I let myself get carried away with thinking about The Boys. I look at their photo and seven paragraph description each day. I have adoption announcements picked out. I look at the Pottery Barn Kids and Teen websites for bedding and furniture. I've already made an appointment (that I can cancel if things go awry) with an attachment therapist on the assumption that any kids adopted from foster care will need help adjusting to a new home and new insta-parents. I have a calendar with the date our homestudy is supposed to be completed circled, and I X out the days as I wake up. I think about taking the oldest to First Friday. I think about taking the youngest to amusement parks. If it weren't Summer, I'd be at their prospective schools talking to teachers. Most of all, I wonder what they are like, what their voices sound like, if their eyes are as sad as they seem or if its just a grainy photograph, and if they will like us. I want them to like us. I want to like them.

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